Meet the DD-02 intercom: Your complete intercom solution

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Created specifically for affordable housing, the DD-02 intercom is the latest addition to our range of next-generation, accessible intercom systems.

Designed to enhance tenant safety and building security, while also offering a full suite of accessibility features, the DD-02 is an innovative, durable alternative to traditional wired intercoms.

It offers:

  • Direct dial calling, audio induction loop, and backlit, braille keypad
  • Pinhole video camera for additional security
  • Built-in proximity reader for secure resident key fobs
  • Vandal-resistant, flush-fit design

Like all our intercoms, the DD-02 is powered by wireless GSM technology, meaning housing managers can control building access remotely via our secure online management system – while residents can let visitors in using their mobile phone or tablet. Plus, with no cabling or handsets to install, the DD-02 guarantees quicker, safer installations too.


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