The new digital noticeboard means I can keep up with the latest building news and even offer my opinion by answering surveys – making sure management know what matters to me.

Anna, Tenant

One of the best things about Intratone’s digital noticeboards is that I can start conversations with tenants, get their opinions and inform them of important building news without visiting the site.

Nicola, Housing Manager

Intratone’s digital noticeboards are a great way to communicate with tenants, get their opinions through surveys and polls, and keep them up to date with the latest news. All of which we can upload remotely.

Jon, Housing Manager

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Intratone’s brand-new Interactive Digital Noticeboard keeps Housing Association tenants informed and connected like never before.

With the Interactive Digital Noticeboard, housing managers can easily display important announcements, such as maintenance schedules and repair notices, to residents electronically via our secure online remote management system.

Plus, its unique survey function means that tenants can share their opinions and vote on key issues by using the arrow keys to select their response, before placing their key fobs on the built-in proximity reader to confirm their selection.

Multiple surveys and notices can be sent out in minutes electronically, either to all buildings or just a select few, eliminating the need for untidy paper flyers and time-intensive site visits. What’s more, the Interactive Digital Noticeboard is durable and vandal-resistant too!

It’s the engaging and easy to manage alternative to traditional bulletin boards. If you’d like to find out more about our electronic, download our flyer now.

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