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Purchase 40 four-button remotes (09-1115-OP8 to 09-0121-OP8) and receive 3 receivers (07-0106-EU-OP8) and 1 USB programmer (12-0115-OP8) for FREE. From 1/11 – 16/12, or while stocks last!

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Designed for residential gates, car parks and garages, Intratone’s innovative gate receivers keep unauthorised users at bay.

Our gate receivers guarantee:
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All devices are waterproof, with high mechanical resistance. Plus our steel transmitters are built to last

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Thanks to MiFARE technology, transmitters can be used as both remotes and key fobs

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Easily replaceable batteries in transmitters, and extendable with a GSM module!

Marked with specific serial numbers, the transmitters cannot be cloned.
Lost transmitters can be deactivated in a few clicks, and any copies will not work.

Plus, housing professionals can remotely manage transmitters in real-time via our secure online portal.

Our gate receivers’ transmitters are unclonable -
keep unauthorised users at bay.
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